William Thornton Senior - "Behind every great idea are great people" and fortunately some of those great people are part of our FootballChange team. Thanks to them and their big hearts we are able to pursue our charity activities. We would like to thank our sponsors for their active support over many years with regards to helping children for whom fate has dealt an unfair start in life. FootballChange have made it our mission to help these children and we understand how a seemingly small gesture can change their fate. A new pair of shoes, a shirt, an autograph from an idol or simply a ball can hold the power of so much motivation that it can change the course of people's lives and we have been witness to this. Actions speak louder than words and so we at FootballChange invite you to see for yourself how the little gestures can change lives. Join our global team and change the rules of the game with us!

We would like to say a big thank you to those already standing with us for this great cause. The Kappa company which supports us by providing high quality clothing for our pupils. The Gatorade company for their outstanding support in organising children's and youth tournaments. Evox Nutrition for their commitment in supporting our most talented pupils with dietary supplements which contribute significantly to their personal development. Team Hannover 96 for being the first to get behind our idea, the first to stand by our side and support us throughout this fantastic journey. We are forever in your debt. It is thanks to people like these the world can be a better place to live.

We would also like to thank our small group of private investors who often show us how big their hearts are!

Thank you! Together we change the rules!

OUR CHARITY activities

Frank - we will never forget you! The FootballChange family is with you and will never leave you! We hope that the pupils are pleased with the t-shirts and sweets we sent! Sending you our warmest wishes and looking forward to our next meeting. Remember that we change the rules but only you can change the game!

Whenever the mood in the office is tainted by the British weather, someone (usually Amanda) plays this video. A spontaneous recording of our pupils receiving a long-awaited parcel from us! We love you all so much! Remember that your FootballChange family doesn't forget about you!


Another short video sent by Frank! We are happy to see you're still always smiling despite the adversity you're always fighting! We will always be with you and we will always try to change the rules for you! Greetings from the international FootballChange family!

And again thank you Frank for another recording! It's good to see the youngest of our football family and that they are in good spirits! We hope you're not neglecting your football classes :) We're hoping to find some football stars out there! Thanks again Frankie! The FootballChange family sends its best wishes!

Katrina - The oldest of our pupils from the orphanage in Southern Lagos personally decided to express her thanks, thank you so much Katrina! Remember that the FootballChange family is always with you. We appreciate and admire your contribution around the orphanage. Frank always speaks highly of you! We are proud to have someone like you in our international family!

Our beloved Katrina organised beautiful gospel performances and sent us a short video which really shows the cheerful humour of our pupils! Katrina, thanks to your video everyone at the office have been humming your tunes! Great moves by the way, you should think about a dance career! Bravo Katrina, remember it's people like you who are building our FootballChange family! Change the rules with us!

We would like to thank the company 70 Years of Joy for their decision in supporting us with our pupils from Lagos. It is thanks to people like you that the world is starting to get better. The youngest children listened to Jessica's story which can read in such a way that it takes your mind to another place. Thank you!

Physical education classes with Frank? Why not? Frankie, we hope you didn't get any muscle aches! Your pupils probably tired you out! Thank you for the photo that will hang on our office fridge! Thanks again Frank!

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