FootballChange is a football talent agency and an online investment platform. Appointed representatives of FootballChange ltd are authorised and regulated by the United Kingdom Company Registration Authority under firm reference number 10819765. Registered office: Platt Lane Complex, Yew Tree Road, Manchester, Greater Manchester, England, M14 7UU.
FootballChange's story started in 2013. In the beginning we had our offices in Germany, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine and Slovakia but we did not yet have an investment platform. Finally in June 2017 we registered our office in the UK and the footballchange.com platform was opened to private investors in July.
To become a FootballChange family member, first you have to register an account by clicking 'Register' at the top of the site. Opening an account is free.
If your question is not answered in the FAQ section, please contact the support team. To do so, click the 'Contact us' button in the menu on the right-hand side of the screen and create a new ticket or contact our livechat support team on the website. Our staff will process your request immediately. We also look forward to your feedback which will be used to improve our platform and website.
The types of investment plans on the site and their descriptions (junior, professional etc.) are just examples of the various levels of investment and earning potential. All of the resources we have at our disposal at this time were developed through years of hard work and the signing of many contracts which have recently started generating the required levels of income. The main idea of FootballChange remains the same - the concept of acquiring talented young players, signing association agreements with them and sending them to try out for clubs. Each contract is tailored to the individual and has differing conditions. Much depends on the development of the player in the new club; injuries, shooting efficiency, game statistics, bonuses for promotions and payouts from TV stations required to pay to broadcast our players all have an effect on the success of the player. (Those who wish to learn more about this subject are invited to contact us yet please be aware that we reserve the right not to divulge corporate secrets). A great step forward in the development of our company was the decision to allow for private investment. Instead of being limited to the aquisition of long-term junior players, we can now afford to sign professional players that are ready to play at higher levels. We employ a variable percentage with regards to profit from investment, this is essential for our continued success. The company is persuing a development strategy while forecasting for the years ahead and cannot afford to risk a loss of funds for our clients.
First you have to open an account with us. Then simply go to the investment section and click the 'Invest' tab. Now you can choose which investment plan and currency you would like to use and finally enter the amount you would like to invest. Upon clicking 'Invest' you will be transferred to the payment site. The new investment will be added automatically.
When paying in USD or Euro the new investment will be added immediately. Bitcoin investments require at least 3 blockchain confirmations before adding.
For security reasons each transaction is processed manually. Each request will be processed within 24 hours unless it falls on a weekend. If the cash out request is received on a Saturday or Sunday it will be processed on the Monday.
Yes, you can have an unlimited number of investments but each will be processed seperately.
The minimum investment amount is $50. The maximum amount is $15,000 in standard plans. The maximum investment amount for our VIP plan is $100,000 for a single investment.
There is no maximum limit on cash outs however there is a minimum amount of $1. You can cash out funds from your balance at any time.
No, we do not charge you for investments or cash outs although some payment systems might do so.
We accept US Dollar, Euro and Bitcoin. Each currency is processed seperately. It's up to you which one you choose.
For your convenience FootballChange accepts the most popular online payment options:


We recommend Bitcoin as the most suitable payment method. You can easily buy Bitcoin using your credit card.
The balance of almost all of the payment systems can be topped up by bank wire. We avoid use of direct bank wires to our company because we would need to obtain additional verifications for every bank transfer and the banks can withhold funds without reason. This we cannot allow. By using online payment systems we can guarantee fast movement of money to and from our accounts.
No, direct payments via credit cards are not allowed within FootballChange due to the high fees and UEFA regulations. However, you can buy Bitcoin by credit card and then transfer funds to your FootballChange account.
Yes, you can make a new investment either from your account balance or from external funds.
Yes, you can cancel your investment at any time. Just log in to your account, click 'Investment', 'Invest' and scroll down to the bottom of the page. There you will find all of your ongoing investments. Simply click 'Cancel' and follow the instructions on the next page. Be aware that a 50% cancellation fee will apply.
To check your account balance, log in to your account and on the opening page in the first box you will see your current balance. You can reinvest that amount, cash it out or leave it in your balance. There is no need to worry, your money is in safe hands.
Unfortunately we don't allow the transfer of money between balances or cashing out to a different payment system. This is simply due to security reasons and anti money laundering policies.
FootballChange has made the decision to reward those who decide to take part in popularising our investment project. Each individual can gain a source of passive income by building a four-level referral structure. You will be required to commit yourself to help your referrals get acquainted with the rules of our FootballChange family. You do not need to make a contribution in order to receive commission from your referrals. After long discussions we decided on three ranks which suitably characterize their respective commitment.
For some of you it might seem strange that such a respected company would offer so much money for almost nothing but the explanation is quite simple - we at FootballChange would like to popularize our online platform and the best way to do that is to encourage and reward our members. Let's treat the affiliate reward as a motivational bonus that helps spread the word about FootballChange throughout all types of media. Invite your friends and family, tell them how easily we can change the rules and make some extra money.
Unfortunately we don't allow the transfer of money between balances or cashing out to a different payment system. This is simply due to security reasons and anti money laundering policies.
Currently FootballChange has 3 different affiliate ranks: Representative, Partner and Independent Partner. To find out more about them visit our Affiliates page.
If you wish to become a Partner or an Independent Partner simply fill out the request form on the Affiliates page or contact our support on live chat. Please note that you will need to be logged in to access the application.
Yes, we have promotional videos and banners you can use. We plan to add more materials such as testimonials and presentations in the near future.
Unfortunately it is not possible to change the person that referred you to FootballChange.
To receive a reward from the affiliate program, the person you refer must invest some funds into FootballChange. Your reward will be added automatically and will be ready to cash out immediately.
Yes, we do advise you to register with your real name and email address as in some cases we might need to check your identity. Also by giving your real details you can be sure that no one else will have access to your account.
To receive a new password simply click 'Forgot your password?' On the login page. It is not possible to recover your old password as all personal data is encrypted. It is important to provide a valid email address during registration as it is where your new password will be sent. In the event that this is unsuccessful for any reason, please contact our support team and we will reset it for you.
Yes, you can change your details at any time. Every change requires confirmation by entering your password and some more important changes need to be confirmed by clicking the special link sent to your email address.
Yes, you can switch off email notifications in your profile page, just untick 'Allow email notifications'. Be aware that once notifications are disabled you will no longer be informed about news, promotions, special events, new partners etc.
Yes, the privacy and security of our FootballChange members is a priority. All data and passwords are encrypted. As part of our website security we employ 3 programmers who make sure that nobody can get unauthorised access to company data or finances.
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