We understand that not everyone can take full advantage of our program. Therefore, the status of Representative has been created for those who only wish to devote some of their time. It is a very responsible function within our company because just like senior employees of any company they are expected to take care of their referrals, inform them of any news or changes and provide technical assistance. The title of Representative is awarded to every member of our FootballChange family who has at least one active person in their structure. Representatives can collect a commission from every investment made by those they refer.


7% 3% 1% 1%

The title of Partner is reserved for those who display a high level of commitment to our company and have at least several dozen active referrals. A Partner is well known to be someone who cares a lot about their referrals and supports them as much as they can. They devote their time to providing technical assistance as well as keeping up to date with changes in the company. Anyone wishing to join this group is required to complete an application form which will be processed by the FootballChange management. If the application is handled positively, it will result in an increased commission rate and will open the door to the most prestigious position in our company, the Independent Partner.


12% 5% 2% 1%

This is a prestigious feature within our FootballChange family. Why is it so good? Each independent representative can count on financial support in terms of marketing, office rental, additional bonuses and increased referrals commission. All for their unparalleled contributions to our company. These are the leaders who set the direction of our company and have a significant impact to improving it. They actively engage in charity and are known for their outstanding approach to their referrals. They have direct contact with CEO William Thornton and it is with him they agree their individual commission percentage from referrals.

Independent Partner

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